About Us

Watersouq.com is a well-established business with vast experience in technology space. With the primary aim of helping the society by being concerned about the health of the people, improve their quality of life, and with our experience, we are launching our services here, to provide the best quality water products to the customers. Keeping the overall environment healthy is our goal, while providing pure drinking water to our customers with minimal steps.

Watersouq.com is an online platform with its mobile applications that caters to all your needs related to water. We link customers to all water and its related products from various brands across the market. Whatever your capacity needs (water cups, bottles or cans) and the types of water (mineral, sparkling or flavored water), we hope to meet all your requirements under one roof with a varied range of packing in various sizes to meet every need and occasion, delivered safely to your doorstep.

Our aim is to leverage technologies to ease the life of people. We aim to simplify and ease the process of buying and having the water bottles delivered to you through the efficient use of internet technology from the comfort of your mobile phone or your home. By following a robust and highly secure payment processing system, we guarantee the safety of your payment transactions. Watersouq.com aiming to:

  • Transfer all customers orders in seconds to their favorite water brands.
  • Maintain and control easy, simple and user friendly online ordering system to all its customers with high focus on efficiency of handling and delivering water products to their desired addresses.
  • Provide a clean, safe as well as healthy working environment to all our team.
  • Minimize the costs of operations by following an effective management system.
  • Continuously strive for improving our system for maximum quality.

We aim to rapidly grow and expand our business beyond Kuwait borders into GCC and the Arab region. Global operations are what we are targeting within the next five years, trying to deliver water to areas lacks of water. We depend on our world class leading technologies in R&D and highly adaptive technologies in order to scale our operations to reach out to the major cities across the world.

Our management is focused towards all the aspects related to latest technologies and market needs, which revolves around having the best water suppliers on our platform. Our team members are well experienced, customer friendly, efficient and proactive at the same time, patiently listening to your feedback and improving on a daily basis. We endeavor to use the latest in technologies and evolve ourselves in order to serve you efficiently and satisfy your needs.

Available Payment Methods

You can pay online using your Debit and Credit Cards.

Watersouq Apps

You can also order from your favorite Water Brand through our iPhone, Android and mobile website applications.

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