Watersouq.com is an online marketplace for selling and delivering all types of water that operates in the State of Kuwait.  Watersouq.com is a very focused, specific, fast and easy way to connect users, visitors and/or customers to their desired water brands.  It takes just few clicks from your computer or mobile to place an order through Watersouq.com. 

Watersouq.com manages your successful orders to deliver your item(s) to your door step wherever you are, by using an automated process, without any hassles of ordering to ensure you receive your orders on time.

Yes, Watersouq.com is a Kuwaiti based web and mobile sites operates from the State of Kuwait.  If you would like to know more about Watersouq.com, please contact us through hello@watersouq.com.

We open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No.  Watersouq.com is a Web and Mobile sites that allows us to offer all water brands in the market under one roof in an easy and friendly way, as we don’t have to maintain physical store premises.

For general queries, you can contact us through hello@watersouq.com, and for orders related queries, you can contact us through admin@watersouq.com.

Watersouq.com is one marketplace for almost all water brands, by using one of its channels, you don’t need to go through the hassle of remembering delivery numbers of those brands, waiting on hold or getting a busy signal while dialing a company number or getting the wrong order due to miscommunication over the phone.

Besides all that, by using Watersouq.com you can view all water brands and types including their sizes with photos in easy to use web and mobile sites.  

a. Click on “New User?” on the top right corner of the sky blue color bar.

b. Fill your personal, address and login information.

c. Select “Register”.

Yes.  You can add as many addresses as you need to a single account at Watersouq.com.  Go to My Account, select Manage Addresses, select Add New Address, fill your new address information, and finally select Add.  After that your new addresses will be added to your account.

Your password, email preferences, profile, orders history, newsletters, and more, are all accessible through the Dashboard in My Account page.  If you run into trouble, tell us and our Team will assist you.

o You either register through Watersouq.com or you can make your orders without registration and use “Express Checkout”.  Click here to register.

o Choose your desired water type and delivery area then select “search” (Note: you have to choose your delivery area to get the water brands list for your selection that delivers to your area).

o Choose your favorite water brand, its size and the quantity from the list by clicking on “Add To Cart”.

o After that, you either select “Continue Shopping” or “Checkout” in the small new window, if you select “Continue Shopping” you will be going to the list again for more water brands selection, but if you select “Checkout” you will start the process of checking out.

o When you select “Checkout”, you will go to the next page, where you will have to enter your Email ID and Password if you are a registered user, or you either choose to “Create An Account” or “Express Checkout” to start the process of filling your details and reviewing your cart.

o If you are a registered user already, you can login with your Email ID and Password then review your cart and delivery information.  Make sure here as a registered user if you will use the registered delivery address or you will use a new delivery address.  Please click here to login.

o But if you are a new user, you either choose to "Create An Account" or “Express Checkout” to continue with your order and pay for it.  If you choose "Create An Account", you will need to fill your personal, address and login information and select “Register”.  After that, you will be in the cart page, for your last revision on your order summary and delivery information.  However, if you choose “Express Checkout”, directly you will be in the cart page, for your last revision on your order summary and to fill your delivery information.  

o After the three cases above, scrolling all the way to the bottom you will reach to the payment summary, where you will have the option to pay either by K-net or Credit Card to confirm your order.  After you finish choosing your payment option click on “Confirm Order” after ticking your acceptance to our Terms & Conditions if you are an express Checkout user, and then you will be directed to the payment page to fill your card details and pay for your order.

o While filling your payment card details whether K-net or credit card, make extra sure the card details filled matching the details printed and shown on the card as well before selecting "Pay".

o Make sure all provided details are correct before hitting "Confirm Order" to process your order.  Your order will be routed to the desired Water Brand(s) ("Water Brand(s)" or "Partner(s)") immediately. 

o Yes.  You can place an order without registration by choosing “Express Checkout” as explained in point number 6 above, which is an easier way for new users to experience our online services.

o The purpose of this service is to give a chance to all new users to test our services and experience its degree of simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

o Once familiar with our services, you can create an account with an Email ID and a password to access all the added value features of Watersouq.com such as creating a profile, getting latest offers, preferences, reviewing previous orders etc. 

Yes you can.  Some Water Brand(s)/Partner(s) allow their customers to place an order for late delivery depending on our or the Water Brand(s)/Partner(s) delivery policy during working hours or any other agreed time.  Which is an arrangement between the customer and the Partner(s) representative(s) cooperation.

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order with all the details.

After you receive your order confirmation notification, the Water Brand(s)/Partner(s) will arrange your order and handle it to the delivery team that might get in touch with you, if they needed, to deliver your order to the delivery address.

Yes.  The order confirmation notification email is a soft copy invoice to your order.

You can track your order by contacting us at admin@watersouq.com.

All orders should be delivered within the time slot you choose.

Yes you can.  You can log in to your account, go to My Account, then go your orders history and choose the order from your history list and re order it.

Well, you can't change the delivery address after passing more than 15 minutes of the order placing time.  However, within the 15 minutes of the order placing time, you can contact us at admin@watersouq.com, and ask to change the delivery address after providing them with your order number.

Yes you can cancel your order (whether paid by K-net or by credit card) within 10 to 15 minutes of placing your order without any reason.  Also, for late orders, missing item(s), wrong item(s) reasons and/or delay in delivery for more than the Partner(s) promised delivery time, you can also cancel your order.  Please read the delivery & handling charges, K-net and credit cards refund Terms & Conditions.

Yes, if you would like to return or replace an item(s) we have delivered or in an advance stage of delivery, you may contact our team at admin@watersouq.com and we will collect it even if delivered.  However, you will be charged the delivery & handling charges.

First, check the item(s) you bought in the confirmation email sent to you to see if your order was split into multiple deliveries by our Partner(s).  If so, no big whoop, the rest of your item(s) are on the way to you.  If not, it means we probably made a mistake.  Apologies, please let us know by email at admin@watersouq.com.

Usually, the delivery process from multiple brands item(s) order is different from each Water Brand/Partner.  Thus, normally you will not receive them all in the same time.  Each Water Brand/Partner will deliver your order separately, however, within the time span promised.    

You can return or exchange your item(s) within 2 days of the order date, by dropping us an email at admin@watersouq.com, forwarding us in the email your order confirmation that was received by you in your email when you ordered.  After we receive your email, we shall schedule pick up from the delivered address with our Partner(s) cooperation.  Please allow for two (2) to three (3) days for pick up.

The delivery & handling charges depends on your area of delivery, the quantity of your order and on our or the Water Brand(s)/Partner(s) delivery & handling charges policy.

We deliver to all Kuwait areas. 

a. If you received a damaged/defective item(s) from Watersouq.com, it is our responsibility and we will refund delivery charges.

b. However if you just do not want the order for any personal reasons, we do not refund the delivery & handling charges.

To make extra sure of your order and address if they aren’t clear, and to arrange the best delivery time for you.  Please respond to all such calls in a timely manner so as not to cause a delay in your order.  Also please make sure you or your representative are available at the agreed time and location confirmed with the delivery team to arrange receipt of your order.

Watersouq.com accepts only K-net and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club) Payments.

In compliance with the highest industry standards, we do not take nor save any of your credit cards or K-net information on our servers.

When you make a payment through K-net, you will be directed through a secure connection to the K-net page.  K-net will then process the payment and will only send us back a confirmation of the payment.  This way, your data will never leave the K-net page.

When you make a payment with your Credit Card, you will be directed through a secure connection to National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).  NBK will then process the payment and will only send us back a confirmation of the payment.  This way, your data will never leave NBK.

When you order from Watersouq.com, your order is made over a secure connection via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  This means that all the personal information you enter will be encrypted so it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.  Encryption is used on all pages within the buying process, making shopping on Watersouq.com very secured. 

In the case of K-net, the customer refund procedure might take four (4) to seven (7) working days to process on the K-net payment gateway.  And, in the case of credit cards, the refund procedure might take seven (7) to ten (10) working days.  In both cases, the customer has to follow on with his bank in case any delay in crediting his account or credit card back with the amount paid to us.  Additionally, we will be sending an email to the customer containing a refund advice as reference in case the customer needs to revise with the bank.

If the order you received mismatches the order you placed or if there were missing/wrong item(s) in your order, you can contact us directly by sending us an email to admin@watersouq.com and our Team will dispatch a complaint to the Water Brand(s)/Partner(s) and shall notify you accordingly.

If you have any issue with your order, you can notify us by sending us an email to admin@watersouq.com and our team will deal with it and get back to you.

You can file a complaint against any Water Brand/Partner through our team by contacting us at admin@watersouq.com.  And because we take those complaints seriously, we will make extra sure to reach to your satisfactory level.

Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal, and you can still send us the complaint or contact our team through admin@watersouq.com.

We don’t know, maybe.  We are not a huge operation, but we do have need to few good talented skilled people from time to time.  Drop us your profile to hello@watersouq.com.

No.  Currently we do not operate and/or deliver outside the State of Kuwait.  However, very soon we will be operating in all Arabian Gulf countries.

Available Payment Methods

You can pay online using your Debit and Credit Cards.

Watersouq Apps

You can also order from your favorite Water Brand through our iPhone, Android and mobile website applications.

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