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Theoni Mineral Water (330ml X 24 X 10) (240 pcs) - Buy 10, Get 11 (264 pcs)
Al Wafra

KD 0.555/CTN

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Alwafra Low Sodium Water (500ml X 12) - (12 pcs in Pack)

KD 2.500/CTN

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Sirma Natural Mineral Water (750 ml X 6) - (6 pcs in CTN) - Glass Bottle SAPANCA Edition

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Theoni Mineral Water (330ml X 24) - (24 pcs in CTN)

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Theoni Mineral Water (330ml X 12 X 10) (120 pcs) - Buy 10, Get 11 (132 pcs)

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Sirma Natural Mineral Water (750 ml X 6 X 10) - (60 pcs in Offer) - Glass Bottle SAPANCA Edition
Al Wafra
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Alwafra Low Sodium Water (500ml X 12 X 18) (216 pcs) - Buy 18, Get 22 (264 pcs)

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Sirma Natural Mineral Water in Glass Bottle SAPANCA Edition (750 ml X 6 X 20) - (120 pcs) - Pay for 20, Get 25 (150 pcs)

KD 2.500/CTN

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Sirma Natural Mineral Water (330 ml X 12) - (12 pcs in CTN) - Glass Bottle SAPANCA Edition
Al Wafra

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Alwafra Low Sodium Water (500ml X 12 X 10) (120 pcs) - Buy 10, Get 12 (144 pcs)

KD 1.800/CTN

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Theoni Mineral Water (330ml X 12) - (12 pcs in CTN)

KD 1.150/CTN

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Vida Drinking Water (1.5 Ltr X 12) - (12 pcs in CTN)

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Watersouq, an establishment aiming to be one portal for all top mineral water brands is the renowned and most trusted mineral water supplier in Kuwait offering sound health and restraining contaminated water born diseases.

We, with an objective to overcome and diminish the use of contaminated water, endorse water in bottled state with sheer drinkable and beneficial qualities. We in collaboration with bona fide and leading bottled water brands present healthy and safe water in the realm of Gulf.  We proffer and recommend water, the elementary needs of survival in various flavours which are equipped with minerals like calcium, Iron, magnesium.  Take a step towards illness free life by ordering for water supplied by us. We offer best water delivery services in Kuwait assuring excellence and timely delivery at all slash of time.

 Why we supply mineral water?

The impurities from the water are removed through various process of distillation and the trait of water is further enhanced by adding life enriching mineral which are valuable source of healthy life. We supply branded mineral water which is absolutely free from harmful chemicals and preservatives affecting life adversely. We present drinking water services committed to the welfare and wellness of society and in the process present ace quality healthy water at cost effective price to save the money as well as human kind.

It is being said that invaluable things are priceless and for human being water is too precious to be priced.  But we need to bear some expenses like transport etc in an attempt to extend our services to maximum needier people as everyone deserves clean water to drink.  Consequently we have priced the water at nominal rates and made it affordable for people of all section of society.

We bring you wide spectrum of drinkable and pure water in order to accomplish thirst along with catering some health benefits by supplying mineral and flavoured water.

Our range of  mineral water endorsement

1.     Abraaj Water, with a motive to provide eventual quality purified water was established   and   is equipped with latest technology giving 100 percent pure water. They are located in the Kuwait Free Trade Zone and are accredited with international standards confirming the genuineness of product. It is widely used and one of most popular water brand amongst natives as well as foreigners residing in the country. It is most widely used by British and USA army after being assured of its quality. Watersouq is a leading Abraaj Water Kuwait supplier distributing excellence as per order and on time.

2.     Arwa, the leading mineral water bottling plant presents refreshing, healthy and purity in its most advantageous state. With balanced mineral constituents, it is apt for people prescribed low sodium and high calcium intake along with other heal and healthy man. Arwa waters is made just a dial away for those located within Kuwait or its outskirts by Watersouq, the most promising mineral  water  delivery services of the country.   Browse our site or buzz us for water in gallon.

3.     Carbonated water: - are you in dilemma and thinking where can I buy carbonated water?  Watersouq is the most credible supplier of carbonated water in Kuwait. Carbonated water is the most effective drink for detoxifying the body.  Much safer than soft drinks, its crisp taste is great mood and body activator adding vigour to the body.   Hydrate your body by carbonated water like Iceland which is a great deal for refreshment and rejuvenation of the metabolism of the body.  Watersouq cooperate thoroughly with every client and to genuine order. Browse our site for comprehensive information about terms and conditions laid down by us.

4.      Watersouq, the most bona fide supplier presents Evian natural water whose sacredness and wholesomeness is evident from the fact that it is recommended during pregnancy.  It is a blend of right composition of minerals and salts like sodium etc aiding human beings to fight the deficiency of the body and fulfilling with the needs of mineral. Evian is the most trusted and tested name in the world of mineral water for babies and moms to be and brings you most purified still water to drink. Be benefitted from mineral water home delivery services involving low shipping prices.

Dream water with sheer purity  for  your tranquillity

·          Pollution persists today in every walk of life be it water, air, land, sound etc and it is a dream for  every human being today to have  pollution free living. Dream Water took the initiative of providing dreamy clean water with sheer clarity apt for drinking and Watersouq took the responsibility of channelizing the distribution through online water delivery all over Kuwait promptly at cost effective price. Water is for everyone and should not be a dream. It is highly fruitful in eradicating the sleep disorder which is the root cause of several health issues. Just browse our site, add to cart your order along with paying nominally priced mineral water and have the safest dream water to drink at your door on the scheduled day.

·          Watersouq present home water delivery services of sparkling water for the thirst of plane water. No flavours, no additives, it is just pure water with bubbles to lift you and your inner state. The most popular water services ensure health benefits like sound digestive system, activating your taste buds to smooth swallow.  We present best and flawless water delivery services across Kuwait at reasonable prices with fair terms and conditions. Order now by browsing our site for flavoured or sparkling natural mineral water and enjoy every sip of water whose every drop facilitates contentment.

·          Watersouq is known worldwide for its online water delivery quality services, commitment and loyalty. We supply excellence and deals only with brands depicting merit in services as well as products.  Buy Masafi mineral water from us, if purity is you emphasize on without hassle of buying from market. We are busiest online water delivery portal engaged in bottled water delivery services needing just internet connection on your mobile or laptop to choose and order.  Avail finest home delivery services rendering your order at your door at easy on pocket prices..

·         Watersouq presents well known Aqua gulf water of most authentic manufacturing venture Aqua gulf, known for most reliable mineral water bottling company of Middle East.  It was established to overrule the mounting inflation in water industry due to its scarcity and to improve the water quality. Watersouq carried forward   the fanaticism and made the mineral water delivery available for all at highly economical prices in centre and suburbs of Kuwait.  It is the best instance of quality at low prices. 

·         Watersouq brings finest and most trusted mineral water delivery of renowned brand, the ABC waters manufactured by ABC which has earned an identity of limpidness all over the city.  Buy online ABC mineral water and ABC wellness water in distinct sized bottles with amazing offers.  Enjoy the every drop of health and purity at pocket friendly prices right at your home or office, just by clicking at your laptop as we present fastest mineral water home delivery services all over the Kuwait. Check out our website for order and other related norms.

·          Looking for water in Gallons?

Watersouq presents Abraaj Gallons water manufactured by the leading trade name Abraaj. We comprehend the needs of our clientele and water in gallons is offered to eradicate the hassle of small bottles at offices and official complexes. Buy online mineral water for office or home in gallons through finest water delivery services in Kuwait on discounted prices and amazing deals. Now you can stock adequate amount of water easily.

·         Online mineral water service

Now today every item is available online for purchase, so is mineral water. But remember water is not a thing to compromise on, so opt for leading and credible water delivery services as health is most valuable.  Enjoy health benefits of drinking mineral water as well as quench your thirst by ordering online Aquapax water offered by Watersouq, the most dependable mineral water delivery services.

·           Natural sparkling water  with shipping services

Watersouq with home delivery services present Badoit water with sparkling tang at best deals all over Kuwait.   Browse online and have the most purified, hale and hearty water for eventual goodness of health.  Water is supplied by us is available in various sizes and material bottles in tin, plastic, can etc for purchase as per the need of customers. 

·          Whom to approach for fast and prompt water delivery services? 

Watersouq recommends purity and strictly condemn contamination especially in water, thereby present water in purest state by supplying Dolomia water bottled by infamous mineral water manufacturing unit called Dolomia. Have home delivery services with an assurance of flexible terms and conditions for return, refund, cancellation facilitating undisputed purchase by all clients.

·          Water for healthy and long life

Watersouq presents Fiji natural artesian water with the traits of natural water full of minerals and salts. Live long and illness free by buying water of most trusted brand Fiji as natural products are always advantageous.  Just add to cart and get the delivery on scheduled day as commitment and punctuality are prime aim of Watersouq, online office water delivery services facilitating mineral water delivery at descent prices.

·         Watersouq present best and branded mineral water services in Kuwait confirming ace quality at reasonable prices.  We endorse ace quality and in the process present Fuska water bottled by Fuska, brand known for ultimate quality. Relish home delivery at economical  delivery  charges in desired bottles and packing. Enjoy quality in all quantities by browsing our site, adding the products in cart and finally ordering.

·         Download Watersouq app to relish regular and speedy home delivery as it is supplier of   famous and bona fide mineral water brands.  Buy refreshing and safe Hamediye Water packed in safe and eco friendly packing by most reliable mineral water brand of Kuwait, Hamediye. This is the most economical and safe drinking water services run by Watersouq. Have healthy and revitalizing life ahead with us at lowest possible prices.

·         Watersouq suggests and supplies the soothing and chilling Icelandic water for soulful tranquillity. Enjoy the icy feature of glacier through Icelandic glacial sparkling and natural mineral water offered by us in safe and hearty conditions.  Our online mineral water delivery services are unsurpassed in terms of services and excellence.

·           Ideally safe  water with home delivery services

Watersouq brings you amazing line up of mineral waters manufactured by Isbre. We deal and expertise in supplying Isbre water and other range of flavoured and mineral water all over Kuwait.  Have exhilarating sparkling and glacier water on lucrative deals favouring customers utterly to customers in Kuwait with home delivery services.

 Most celebrated water supplier of Kuwait

·           Watersouq offers distinguished and most celebrated bottled mineral water delivery services of finest brand, Maeen in the province of Kuwait enriching life with essence of nature.  Rejoice with amazing offers proffered on Maeen water with the facility of delivery at your place, distinct packs with diverse bottled caps and various sized bottles of harmless materials.  Get it delivered anywhere in the city at low delivery charges.

·         Pure water may lose its quality if not packed in bottles remaining unaffected by climate. Buy online absolutely safe water packed in climate resistant offered by Watersouq, the premier supplier of mineral and flavoured water and manufactured by MI Bebito, the well known mineral water manufacturer. Timely delivery in desired quantity and size are provided by us through home delivery. Order now and add to cart for purest form of water.

·          Watersouq is a proud distributor of Perrier Water, blend of mineral water and distinct fruit flavours.  Have the pleasure of fruity mineral water with real fruit extract of pink grapefruit, lemon, orange and green apples giving ultimate pleasure at unbelievably descent prices. We are most famed online mineral water services with an assurance of quality, taste and satisfaction.  Be benefitted from our easy to comply with norms which are structured totally in favour of our esteemed customers.

·          Watersouq the leading online water supplier, endorse Raw C, eminent mineral water brand in Kuwait. It brings away Raw C water, celestial water with the qualities of coconut water, protein and cacao.  Browse online and enjoy most loyal and punctual home delivery water services.

·         Watersouq brings you amazing array of natural and flavoured water with online water home delivery services having tangy taste of fruits and pure traits of mineral water processed by Sirma and launched under a name of Sirma waters.  We accept all modes of payment like debit card and credit card and  permit cancellation of order, its return and refund only in case  genuine cancellation. Browse online for more information.

·         Buy online Speyside Glenlivet water offered by Watersouq in distinct areas of Kuwait giving the sanctity of nature in every bottle.  Have legendary brands by just few clicks with easy return and refund policy.  They are subjected to certain terms and conditions resulting in either partial, full or no return/refund. Browse our site for online water delivery or for placing an order. 

·         Watersouq presents Tannourine Water, product of most dependable mineral water manufacturing unit. We are leading and most trusted online mineral water supplier in Kuwait offering quick and quality water delivery services within the territory of Kuwait.  We supply and deliver water with great diligence but in case of wrong delivery, we are open for refund, return and cancellation. Terms and conditions lay down by us regarding delivery are highly flexible and we assure to keep the details shared by customers with us absolutely private.

·          Watersouq is the chief mineral water purveyor in Kuwait having comprehensive clientele over the years.  We deals only in finest mineral water brands like Vittel Water produced by Vittel, the leading brand known for its credibility.   Have the dual pleasure of purest water with home delivery services and amazing offers resulting in cost effective prices.

·         VODAVODA Water is the premium category of mineral water offered by chief water supplier of Kuwait, Watersouq. Enjoy Vodavoda home delivery services at nominal prices, rendering your order at your place before or on scheduled time.  Have most economical mineral water services by just visiting our site and adding to cart order in any quantity.

·          Enjoy Volvic’s splash and natural mineral water services by just little press on your laptop or mobile, 24/7 at any nick of the time as Watersouq specialises in furnishing mineral water delivery services all over Kuwait. Have uplifting and assuaging sips of mineral water which is not just water as is full of elementary needs of body like minerals and salts.

Download Watersouq app on your mobile and relish uninterrupted water delivery services in desired quantity and at desired time.  Visit our site for more information or sign up any of the reference links to gather information about mode of order and payment.